Panimur Waterfall, A Serene Tourist Place You Shouldn’t Miss In Assam?

Panimur Waterfalls in Assam

Probably the cleanest waterfall in Assam, the Panimur Waterfall located in the Dima Haso district, will purify your heart and body. Best to visit during the winter season when there is no rainfall, the water in the Panimur Waterfall is crystal clear.

In this post, we will learn how to travel, when to travel, hotels and homestays, and everything else about the Panimur Waterfall in Assam. Read till the end but before check out the stunningly beautiful drone view of Panimur Waterfall below.

Where is Panimur Waterfall?

The Panimur waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located in the Panimur area under the Dimahasao District of Assam near Haflong and is 215 km away from Assam. The nearest railway station is the New Haflong railway station.

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How to reach Panimur waterfall?

Reaching Panimur waterfall will depend on where you are starting your journey. We will discuss different starting points from Guwahati, Shillong, Silchar, Dimapur, and Haflong. Please note that in all options, the public transportation option is out of the question as it is not a good option for tourists. The best option is to rent a bike or a car from your starting point and directly go to Panimur waterfall. Or, reach to the nearest railway station (New Haflong) and hire a taxi to reach there. Technically, there are nearer railway stations such as Lanka but not all trains stop there.

How to reach Panimur waterfall from Guwahati?

I will assume that most of you will be traveling from Guwahati and the best option is to rent a car or a bike from Guwahati and enjoy a ride to Panimur. The other option is to travel up to Haflong via train and ride up to Panimur.

If you rented a bike or a car, you have the freedom to roam here and there a little bit instead of on a fixed railway road. Plus, you won’t need to search for a car or bike in Haflong once you reach there. Even if some services may be there, the options will be narrow for you as compared to Guwahati.

If you have a renting business, ping me in the email so that we can verify and list your local business here to help travelers.

Before starting your journey, make sure you are carrying some essential items like emergency kit, enough clothes, etc. I have written a detailed post on items to carry while traveling to Northeast India. Click here to check the post.

How to reach Panimur waterfall from Dimapur?

The best way to reach Panimur waterfall from Dimapur is to drive using a rented car or bike from Dimapur for around 4 hours. Another option is to enjoy a train ride to Haflong and a ride from Haflong.

If you have a renting business in Dimapur, contact me.

How to reach Panimur waterfall from Lumding?

If you are in Lumding, probably you are in Lumding railway station, you can ask for private car but personally, I have no knowledge if renting services are available in Lumding. If it is available do comment below so that it can be included.

How to reach Panimur waterfall from Shillong?

Panimur waterfall from Shillong is a 5 hours journey but you may want to visit some places on the way so plan accordingly.

How to reach Panimur waterfall from Silchar?

Reaching Panimur waterfall from Silchar is similar to other options, rent a car or bike and drive there or reach to Haflong railway station and hire a taxi for Panimur waterfall.

How to reach Panimur waterfall from Haflong?

You can reach Panimur waterfall from Haflong by hiring a taxi and drive there.

The road condition in all cases are good and there is no need to worry unless there are sudden landslides and floods happened recently.

What is Panimur waterfall distance from Tezpur?

Panimur waterfall is 155 km away from Tezpur and it will take around 4 hours to reach there.

Please note that some of the reviews on the internet are saying that the road is not good but it is from 2-3 years back. Now the road is very good and you can travel without any problem unless there are some heavy floods or landslides causing damage to the roads.

When is the best time to visit Panimur Waterfall?

The best time to visit Panimur Waterfall is when there is no rainfall. With rainfall, the water is not clear and you won’t be able to enjoy it. It is best to travel between late October to early March. During these months, there will be no to minimal water in the Northeast and Assam.

Panimur Waterfall.

How many days are enough for a trip to Panimur waterfall?

I would say one day is fair enough for Panimur. This includes coming from all the places mentioned above and going back. You will need to start early in the morning preferably before 7 am. Start as early as possible as you will avoid a lot of traffic and chance to experience the pure and fresh air along the way before all vehicles start blowing.

You start at around 6 am and reach around 12 to 1 pm. This is the perfect time to enjoy the freshwater. Enjoy for 2-3 hours and ride back or you can stay for a night in a homestay and start early in the next morning.

Let’s check out some of the Instagram reels of Panimur waterfall

What are the things you need to know before traveling there?

As I always said, just do a Google search about any news in the area you are traveling. It can be news related to natural disasters, local unrest, and any other problems. This applies to all the places not only Panimur.

Are you traveling to Panimur Waterfall? Don’t forget to click some amazing shots, shorts, reels and send them in comment or in email and I will include it in the post.


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