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Dzukou Valley, Manipur, India

You have visited the North East India and now wants to share the experience during the time here. You can do it easily. All you need to do is send an email to our contact email. You can also share your opinion or ideas of North East India. Before writing your experience, you might want to check out the simple rules to follow. But as always visit Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram first to get the real experience.

Sharing your Northeast India Stories

I would love to happily receive and post your travel stories to Northeast India while you were in North East India.

  • Are you a traveler?
  • Do you love Northeast India?
  • Do you have Northeast India trip stories that you want to share with people around the world?
  • Do you want to explore your writing talents?
  • Are you from any of the Northeastern states and want to write or express something about your state?

If YES, then what are you waiting for. Just shoot an email and let’s arrange things what you want. But hey, I am human being too so please do not send repeated emails before I reply and I may take some time to reply (not weeks but days). Till then hang tight and start thinking about what you want to write and express.

Nykaa Beauty [CPS] IN

1. Don’t write anything illegal.

It includes adult stuffs, illegal drug experience, anything you do which is not legal in that part of the region or state.

2. Write your authentic experience.

Yes! Don’t tailor your experience to make it like the best but be authentic. Including simple problems you may have experienced might help other visitors or tourists to better prepare for themselves.

3. Don’t write an experience post for promoting your business.

You might be a Vblogger, Instagram or travel blogger. I have no problem with your genuine experience being shared here. However, if your opinion is solely for promoting a business located here or for promoting your brand, you can contact at advertise with us page. This will make sure the difference between a promotion and a genuine experience share.

4. Make sure you have rights to all the images & videos.

If you are including photos and videos in your article, make sure that you have the right to share with others. After you submit here to share, you automatically give us the right to use. This is to make sure that everything is done legally & to prevent future troubles.

5. The minimum word count should be 2000.

I don’t like to read an article sharing an amazing experience but it is only 1000 words. Share the experience at the fullest. Don’t let anything pulling you back.

6. Make sure links you are including are legit.

I hate fake sites and scam sites so if you are including any link, then make sure it is a legit site. Refrain yourself from adding too many links. I will accept a maximum of 2 links in the article.

That’s all you need to remember while writing a post. These are very common rules. However, I am just reminding you again. I love everyone’s perspective. It is not like you are criticizing something I won’t accept it. Having said that I will check if that is true, if true no problem but it is false then I won’t accept future proposals from you.