Imphal To Jiribam (Jiribam To Imphal) Helicopter Service, Everything You Need To Know

Imphal-Jiribam Helicopter Services

Now, you can travel from Imphal to Jiribam or from Jiribam to Imphal via helicopter in just 30 mins. The service is available from Monday to Saturday – Imphal-Jiribam (10:00 am to 10:35 am), Jiribam-Imphal (10:45 am to 11:20 am). Only for Monday and Saturday, there is an extra flight which starts at 01:00 pm from Imphal and 1:45 pm from Jiribam. You can book the helicopter service by calling them. Read the whole article to know full details about phone numbers, where and when you reach, baggage allowance, and many other things.

What are the timing for helicopter service from Imphal to Jiribam and vice-versa?

As I mentioned above, the helicopter service from Imphal to Jiribam and Jiribam to Imphal is available from Monday to Saturday, 6 days a week. There is only one flight per day except on Monday and Saturday where there is another extra flight service on these two days.

For full details about the timings of helicopter services from Imphal to Jiribam and Jiribam to Imphal, check out the table below:

Nykaa Beauty [CPS] IN
DayImphal – JiribamJiribam – Imphal
Monday10:00 – 10:35
13:00 – 13:35
10:45 – 11:20
13:45 – 14:20
Tuesday10:00 – 10:3510:45 – 11:20
Wednesday10:00 – 10:3510:45 – 11:20
Thursday10:00 – 10:3510:45 – 11:20
Friday10:00 – 10:3510:45 – 11:20
Saturday10:00 – 10:35
13:00 – 13:35
10:45 – 11:20
13:45 – 14:20
Imphal-Jiribam, Jiribam-Imphal Helicopter Service Timings

As you can see every day the flight starts from Imphal at 10 in the morning and reaches Jiribam by 10:35 in the morning itself. The return flight from Jiribam starts at 10:45 and reaches Imphal by 11:20.

On Monday and Saturday, the mentioned extra flight starts at 13:00 from Imphal and reaches Jiribam by 13:35. The Flight from Jiribam to Imphal starts at 13:45 and reaches Imphal by 14:20.

Where to report and what is the reporting time before the flight time?

If you are departing from Imphal, you need to report to the Manipur Heli Service counter which is located just side the arrival terminal in the Bir Tikendrajit Imphal International Airport. If you are departing from Jiribam, you will need to report at the Jiribam Helipad.

To reach Imphal airport, you need to come to Imphal first and ask any auto person to take you to Imphal airport. One thing to remember is that there is no Ola, or Uber services in Imphal. You should ask locals first about where you are and how to get to the airport at a reasonable price without getting ripped off.

To reach Jiribam Helipad, you need to come to the Jiribam bazaar or to the nearest auto stand depending on where you are. From there, you can try to find if someone is going to Helipad and share the fares, or else you have no option but to reserve the auto.

If you are coming from a far place by booking a cab, ask them if they can drop you at the helipad. This will be a much better option as it will save some bucks and the road is pretty bad, it is really bad.

You will need to report at least 2 hours before the departure time. However, you can reach at around 1:15-1:30 hour before the flight. But do not delay more than this. You will need to undergo the regular security check.

How to book Imphal to Jiribam (Jiribam to Imphal) helicopter service?

You can not directly book the helicopter service online. The only way to book a ticket for the Imphal-Jiribam helicopter service is either by calling them directly or by going directly to their service counter at the Imphal airport, Jiribam helipad.

Imphal-Jiribam (Jiribam-Imphal) helicopter booking contact number

You can book your Imphal-Jiribam and Jiribam-Imphal helicopter by calling these numbers: +91- 7005203080, +91-7005477987 and +91-9612494268. I recommend you to book at least 7 days before your journey starts and remind them every 3 days. Reminding them is important because, the last time I booked, they repeatedly called me to check if I am really taking the flight.

What is the price of Imphal-Jiribam (Jiribam-Imphal) helicopter service?

The price of a single ticket for Imphal-Jiribam (Jiribam-Imphal) is Rs. 3800. It was Rs. 3000 and was then increased after COVID-19. You don’t need to pay anything while booking. You only need to pay the amount once you report to the counter.

Once you paid the fare, you will receive a ticket. You have to wait in the arrival area at the airport until the person handling the ticket calls you. S/he will lead to the departure terminal and will undergo the general security check. Once it is completed, you will need to sit and wait in the departure waiting area.

Imphal Jiribam Helicopter Ticket
Imphal Jiribam Helicopter Ticket

Once everything is ready, you will be picked up in a vehicle and drive towards the helicopter in the helipad.

How much baggage is allowed in the Imphal Jiribam (Jiribam Imphal) helicopter service?

Large luggage is not allowed. Most travel with a single backpack. I brought a small trolley and a small laptop bag. They looked and nodded ok to proceed.

What to do once you reach Jiribam or Imphal after the helicopter?

Once you reach Jiribam, you will need to catch an auto-rickshaw. Let me give you a pro tip: talk with fellow passengers and ask them if you can share the fare. Oftentimes, they will offer a lift if someone is coming to pick them up. The auto walas will charge you ranging from 400 to 600 to travel from helipad to Jiribam Bazaar. From the Jiribam bazaar, you can go wherever you want.

If you are reaching Imphal and you want to travel by sharing, just walk out of the airport to the main road. Once you reach there cross the road and wait for auto rickshaws and ask them if they are going to your place and if it is shared or reserved.

What are the things you need to know for the journey?

First things first, you need to make sure you are reminding them that you are definition going the journey. They go to a great extent that you are not someone who just wanted to go and opted for other means of transport and never informed them about it.

Second, the chances of your ride being canceled are high due to climate conditions. The authorities don’t take any risks and if there are any bad weather conditions, they will cancel your flight. For a refund, you have to talk to the counter again. They generally refund at the spot.

Even though the flight time is only about 30 mins, your total time including the prep time is around 3 hours.

If you are going on a one-time rare trip, request a windows seat. The scenery is mesmerizing and you will absolutely love it. I wasn’t in a window seat so couldn’t film it. If you have some, share it with me, I will post it here.

The way to and from the Jiribam helipad is horrible and you have to endure it.

Talk to fellow passengers to share the taxi and oftentimes, they may offer you a lift if s/he already managed a pickup.

If you are on a tight schedule and you can not afford a cancelation, make sure you plan your plan B.

You will get noise-canceling headphones, they will considerably reduce your ear irritation during the flight.

Imphal Jiribam Helicopter
Imphal Jiribam Helicopter

Do you feel any headache, throwing up during the flight?

NOPE. It is just like a normal card wide with a little more rebalancing needed and a little rougher ride than the car ride.

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That is all about the Imphal Jiribam Helicopter service. If you are a tourist traveling to Manipur, you might want to check out the post below:


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