Langol Peak Garden Originally Tlaang Lhung Bung – The New Tourist Attraction of Manipur

Langol Peak Garden Originally Tlaang Lhung Bung – The New Tourist Attraction of Manipur

Langol Peak Garden originally known as Tlaang Lhung Bung is the new tourist attraction of Manipur. It is popularly known as the Langol Tower. The watch tower on the top of the peak provides you a very refresh and stunning view of the valley and mountains. The Langol tower is located at a distance of 46 km from Imphal towards the Indo-Myanmar road. We will discuss in detail about how to reach Langol Peak, any specific preparation before going there, what can you expect from it, etc. So read till the end.

What is Langol Peak Tower?

Langol Peak or Langol Tower is a popular tourist attraction which gives you a 360 degree view of the Eastern side of the beautiful state of Manipur. The view is just so refreshing and stunning that no words can express it. You need to do small trekking after reaching the base of the peak to reach the top of the tower. There is a tower on the top of the peak which lets you to observe the view.

How to reach Tlanglhungbung Leikol?

Tlanglhungbung Leikol or Langol Peak garden is located in the Langol Village of Machi Sub-Division in Chandel District of Manipur. Imphal to Langol Peak distance is of around 45-50 km depending on which road you are opting. Assuming you are staying in Imphal, the Captial city of Manipur, it is very easy to reach the Langol Peak. All you need to do is travel in the NH 102 i.e. Imphal to Moreh road up to Kakching Lamkhai. Once you reach Kakching Lamkhai, just ask any local there where is the road to Langol Peak or simply say Langol Peak. They will tell you the road. As you can see on the Map, just a list forward from the Kakching Lamkhai, there is a small road. Just follow the road till you reach the peak.

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If you are searching to for directions in Google Map, you will find two alternate roads but in reality you have to travel in both roads. First you have to follow the Imphal Moreh road till Kakching Lamkhai and then from there you have to travel to the small road till the destination not from the one shown in Map (from Khongjom). The reason for this is because of the bad road condition and longer travel time.

After taking the turn from Kakching Lamkhai, it is a narrow and long up hill till you reach the peak. The road in not bad but only a lane so, be careful for other vehicles coming from the other directions in the numerous turns and corners. Once you reach the peak, it’s all yours.

10 things to check before planning a trip to Langol Peak.

Humm! You might be thinking that travelling to Langol Peak tower is very simple and you can go anytime you want, then hold your thoughts and read this part. Travelling there is fairly simple but to enjoy the most out of it, just make sure you have checked the following points.

  • Check the weather. Surely, I don’t need to say this but just to remind you, I am mentioning it here. You are going there to experience the beautiful natural view of the valley and hills surrounding there. So, don’t go in a foggy and rainy day as it will completely ruin your view. While searching for weather in Google, DO NOT type weather in langol or langol weather. It will show you wrong results because there is another place called Langol in Manipur. So, type Langol peak weather or weather in Langol peak. If you are generally looking for the best time to travel to NE India then check out this blog post where I have written in detail about the best time to travel to NE India for each state.
  • Start early for your journey but not so early. The journey itself will take around 2 hours max and another 2 hours to return. So, 4 hours of total journey time. While planning to go there, consider is amount of time. But do not start too early because in Manipur, generally, all hills will be foggy every day in early morning round the year. This will ruin your view. If you are starting your journey from Imphal, I suggest you to start your journey at around 10-11am. By 1pm you will reach there and it is the perfect sunshine time. This will give you the most stunning view. During returning, you can have a nice lunch in the Kakching Lamkhai or Kaching town itself.
  • Check your oil or gas level before taking the turn from Kakching Lamkhai. YUP! After taking that turn and start the up hill, you won’t find any oil pumps so be careful about it so that you won’t be stuck in the middle of nowhere.
  • Take a binocular. Surprised? Don’t be, you won’t be provided with a telescope or a binocular there in the peak. So, to have the maximum experience, I highly suggest you to carry a binocular while going there or even a small telescope if possible. Trust me this will enhance your view by manifold. I suggest you buy a binocular from here or a small telescope from here in Amazon. If you are a regular traveler then binocular is a must.
  • Take a shorter route if you are already out of Imphal. If you are already traveling to another place on the side of Indo-Myanmar road, chances are high that you don’t need to circle back to Imphal to start the journey to Langol Peak. For example, you are in Keibul Lamjao National Park, or travelling in Mayai Lambi, then take the other road as suggested in the Google Map above. This will save your time.
  • Take a bottle of water or an energy booster. You will need to take an uphill walk before finally reaching the peak. So, if you are easily tired person, then keep a bottle of water in the bag as you will need it.
  • Travel to the Kakching garden as well. Since you have already reached to Langol peak, why not go the Kakching garden while returning back? Head to the Kaching town, have lunch and just 1-2 km from the main Kakching town, there is the Kakching garden and take a rest there for sometime.
  • Visit the Khonjom war memorial as well. Did you know the battle of Khongjom is the last battle fought between the British and erstwhile independent kingdom of Manipur? In the way back from Kakching, after about half an hour, you will reach Khongjom. Visit there and enjoy the place.
  • While looking at the binocular, know which places you are looking at. Just looking at the small rivers, settlements and greenish mountains is good but what if you know which places you are looking at. Like the Khongjom war memorial, Kakching garden, Kakching town, Thoubal, etc. can be seen from the Langol tower. So, ask a local there or travel with a local friend so that he can tell you what’s there in the far view.
  • Know historical importance of the Langol peak. In the legendary myth of Khamba-Thoibi (an amazing emotional true love folktale), it is said that Thoibi came at the Langol peak to pick the very special flowers known as Thoibi-Lei. It is also a historical site for the World War 2 where allied force put up their camps. Langol Peak or Tlanglhungbung is now becoming one of the favourite tourist centres in Manipur.

Do’s and Donts’ while on the Langol Peak

If you are traveling to any place, then there are certain general rules that you should follow while going there. While traveling to Langol tower, remind yourself the following general instructions even though these are not official rules.

Don’t drive with high speed.

Since the road to the Langol peak from the Kakching Lamkhai is narrow and a single lane road, take cautions for other vehicles also.

Don’t throw garbage in and around the peak.

I am not accusing you of throwing here and there but my point is that you won’t find many dustbins so you might need to keep your things before finally reaching there or reaching your hotel.

Do carry a mask

Since it’s a long journey, it is good to have a mask just to prevent dust and other particles while on road specially if you are traveling in a two wheeler. Many repair works on the road is going on there.

Don’t go the random paths or roads except the official one.

I am saying this because you will find many vegetation there. To prevent these vegetation, the locals might set up traps for animals. So, it is best not to sidetrack but focus on the the official one. I am generalizing this and chances are very low that you will find one. But, taking precaution is good.

Don’t get stuck in National highways if something happens immediately.

If for any reason the road is blocked, take a local alternate road. The alternate road is always there. All you need to do is ask a local for the alternate road to Imphal or Thoubal or Khongjom or Wangjing.

Do ask for help to any locals.

Never hesitate to ask for help to any locals. They may not know English or Hindi but they will certainly try to help you if they understand a word from you. Most of the young people will understand English.

Do you have query?

If you have any query, comment down below and I will add or reply to your comments. Don’t forget to check out other articles.


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