Randeep Hooda & Lin Laishram Wedding: Everything About Meitei Wedding

Let's dive into the details of traditional Meitei Wedding Randeep is having.

Randeep and Lin are in a relationship for a long time.

After remour, they announced on social media that their marriage will be on 29th Nov.

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Despite the violence in Manipur, Randeep arrived in Imphal.

They planned for a low profile wedding. Let's check everything you need to know about traditional Meitei wedding.


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Actual date of Meitei wedding are decided well before.

On the morning of the wedding date, bride prepares the 'Kundo Pareng' that will be used in the wedding. It is called 'Kundo Lengba'

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The garland of flowers is an essential part of Meitei wedding.

You will see this on later part of this webstory.


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Two friends or sisters will sit side by side with the bride to assist during the Lei Lengba session.


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The flower is called Kundo, a type of Jasmine flower. The garland is called Kundo Pareng.

Even though no photos of Kundo Lengba is available for Lin Laishram, she has done it. It is just that the photos are not public yet.

The groom will arrive on the bride's residence afternoon.

He is accompainied by friends and a dedicated helper for the Randeep. He is called Bor Sennaba.

Once Randeep reaches the bride's residence, he will be greeted with rituals before entering the house.

As the groom enters the wedding place, Randeep is again greeted with mandatory rituals.

Noitce the Bor Sennaba always seen with the Groom. He will guide Randeep during the whole wedding process.

With traditional songs, the bride circles the groom 7 times.

It's a long process and during this whole time, Randeep has to sit straight the whole time.

Groom & Bride holds hands together while, friends, elders shower blessing.

Friends and elders put small contributions. This money is exclusively for the couple.

At the end, Lin Laishram will offer the Kundo Pareng to the groom and take a vow.

After that Groom will also offer Kundo Pareng, signifying their faithful marriage in front of everyone.


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Next day, friends and elders from bride's side (women) will travel to the groom's residence.


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This is how a traditional Meitei wedding looks like. There are a lot of other things that aren't discussed here. But this is the overall ceremony.

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