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Online community is bringing smiles to many displaced people in Manipur through a kickstarter project.



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1 million heroes is arranging the raw materials & logistics for making dolls by displaced people in relief camps.

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The Kickstarter project with an aim of $6000, has already passed with orders more than $11K.

With this, displaced people will have some of income & not to think about war for few minutes.

During this tough time, many are helping the society.

The online community is already joining together to help the violence hit people of Manipur.

These dolls have 3D reality feature when scanned in app.

These dolls can be your virtual reality companions.

These initiatives are not just about buying a doll but it is much deeper.

It shows how online community can come together & help those in need in Manipur.

Your little gesture will mean a lot for people in need.

You can make a real difference & bring smile to many.

Everything they had - homes, livelihood, income were uprooted in an instant.

We sincerely thank team 1 million heroes for this initiative.

You can check out the project by swiping it up.

Do follow their social media handles for more updatess.

Even though Manipur is currently in a turbulent phase, it is also blessed with so many beautiful places.

Swipe up to check out the Majestic Loktak Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India.